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Selling a Salvage Vehicle For Cash is Only a Few Simple Steps Away, See How Below

"We buy any kind of car. Burned, wrecked, totaled, vandalized, flooded or just plain junk cars" - Sam Z.
Sell Your Car
  • Cash paid for junk cars
  • Quick & free towing
  • All paperwork provided
  • No Title, No Problem!
  • 60 mile towing radius
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  • Open 7 days a week
  • Open on all holidays

Our Sell my junk car Orlando Junkyard services were voted to be the city's most prevalent and best & easiest way to junk your car. Higher recycling standards and unparalelled professionalism are our main business strategies. We offer more cash for junk cars, especially models that contain tons of steel, iron and aluminum. Click here to fill out our junk car removal form.

Most of our cash quotes end up making people a ton of money for vehicles that are either broken, wrecked, or just obsolete. More customers are calling us to get the best cash quotes on their old cars.

Every individual car owner wants to get the most they can out of their scrap automobile. We understand this, however, the client must understand that when a vehicle engine explodes or the transmission needs repair, Kelly Blue Book values are irrelevant.

The engine is the heart of the car.
With engine / transmission damage, the vehicle is considered junk and loses over 90% of its value!

It makes sense doesn't it? Without the engine or transmission functioning, the vehicle turns into just a bunch of immobile scrap metal ready for the scrap yard. It boggles the mind when a person wants to get $5,000 for a vehicle with a bad engine or transmission.

"The car is perfect, it's a good car, there is nothing wrong with the car, but the engine is knocking and it's going to cost $2500 to fix." - Anonymous Car Seller

Do you see anything wrong with the last sentence? Perfect condition, no problems, but engine is now pretty much scrap metal. Please keep common sense in mind when searching for your personalized junk car removal price. Also, the age of your vehicle is a large factor. Some vehicles just aren't worth as much to an auto salvage yard, than others. We use metrics to determine demand for specific vehicles and we pay more for those types.

If we have many of the same type of car in our yard, such as a 2000 Chevy Blazer, we must only offer a cash value relative to the scrap metal and weight of the car, even if it runs, drives or even flies, because it will be crushed pretty quickly.

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